Justice Initiative Program

Our Purpose

The purpose of the program is to influence change in how the justice system understands and responds to adults affected by FASD, through;

  1. Training
  2. Advocacy
  3. Mentorship
  4. Coordination
  5. Education

To achieve this, the program will attempt to;

  • Identify high risk individuals and their families
  • Divert individuals with FASD from the system, where appropriate
  • Provide advocacy for the family/caregiver and community supports
  • Influence effective case management
  • Make recommendations to the court
  • Work with individuals support network to develop appropriate support services

Adult Project Services

  • Are voluntary and free of charge
  • Collaborate with Alberta Justice for the purpose of effectively responding to the legal dilemmas of individuals affected with FASD
  • Advocacy on behalf of the adults affected with FASD and ensuring their families and caregivers are linked to appropriate resources and services
  • Preparation of individualized case plans that create positive structured environments in collaboration with community agencies
  • Preparations of individualized court plans and provide a referral package to the justice system
  • Provide FASD information to community groups and other interested parties about the program
  • Monitoring of home placements and daily programs
  • Ensure that clients can return to the project at any time

Scope and Focus

  • To provide services for adults affected with FASD and their involvement with the Justice system. The scope is to continue working with the youth in transition, as required
  • The focus of the FASD Adult Justice Project is to become proactive within the community and to encourage change at all levels
  • The FASD Adult Justice Coordinator works collaboratively with the FASD Youth Justice Project Officer of the Lethbridge Regional Police Service and is in the courtroom throughout the week

Project Development

The Alberta Justice project was developed as a partnership under the umbrella of the South Alberta FASD Service Network in response to need identified in the community.

The South Alberta FASD Service Network is a partnership of service providers, community agencies and professionals committed to effecting change and act as a catalyst for development of programs and services for individuals and families affected by FASD

The FASD Justice Program operation model is based on the FASD Youth Justice Project which has been operating successfully in South Western Alberta since 2000.